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Chasing the Empire (Physical Book)

Chasing the Empire (Physical Book)

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It's been said that entrepreneurs are the individuals who change the world. Maybe this is because they are bold, brave and courageous enough to believe that they can; or maybe it's their vision for opportunity that creates possibilities in their lives.

For David and Jessica Martin, not only can they contribute their success to ambition, drive and vision, but having to overcome hardship, adversity, incarceration and a series of loss, makes their success story that much more inspiring. Holding on to their values of loyalty, love and legacy, this couple finds success through serial entrepreneurship, partnership and unrelenting grind.

In this authentic memoir that shares the couple's journey towards their empire, you get a raw and riveting sneak peek into the hearts and minds of true hustlers who hold a vision for building generational wealth and teaching others how to do the same. If you have dreams of getting rich, building something that your future self will thank you for, and leaving something behind for the generations that come behind you, then this book is sure to fuel your ambition while inspiring you to take action towards building your very own empire.

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